AHC became involved with Travelodge in 2007 at the invitation of Tony O'Brien, the company’s Head of Development and his Development Manager, Robert Ryan (now Property Director for Techspace). Robert was responsible for the expansion of the London hotel network within the M25. A strategy was formulated to achieve the required objectives and he envisaged that this could best be  accomplished by combining internal & external resources. A team of external consultants was assembled with knowledge and expertise in particular segments of the target area. There were seven Outsourced Development Managers appointed and AHC were selected for the South London area. Initially we reported to the in house development manager Neil Short (now a Development Director with Stay City) and later his successor Alan Oliver. In 2016 the role was extended to cover the Southern Home Counties of Berks, Kent, Surrey & Sussex, working with another of the in house team, Matthew Wythers. 

The group of outsourced consultants have remained relatively unchanged and have continued to work closely together. Their contact details and respective requirements lists can be found on the company’s website – link provided below.



Since AHC have been involved 12 hotels have been secured, 9 are now trading and 3 currently under construction. There are many more projects in the pipeline at various stages of negotiation but there remain a number of outstanding requirements.


Travelodge operates from over 580 hotels (circa 44,500 rooms) and our role is to work with the internal development managers to expand the company’s network by the delivery of additional hotels in the locations listed below.

The company acquires its properties under a leasehold model seeking to secure further rooms that are constructed to their specification on a turnkey basis. In essence they work with land / building owners, developers, investors, property companies and public bodies to procure the required facilities by entering into a pre letting arrangement linked with the following:

  • A commitment to enter into a 25 year institutional FRI lease, with no breaks, and subject to indexed linked rent review

New build or refurbishment solutions would be considered either on a sole use or mixed use basis.

The size of the hotel is determined by the number of rooms to be provided, the inclusion of either a bar café or vending only facility, and where required appropriate car parking. In general terms the Gross Internal Floor Area (GIA) could vary from 15,000 sq ft (equates to approx. 45 rooms) up to 100,000 sq ft. (equates to approx. 300 rooms) and this will be decided by the specific location.


This link to the company’s property website contains more useful information on the company, it’s requirements, the nationwide locations being sought, the relevant development managers to contact and design & construction guidelines. 

These are the specific areas we cover for Travelodge:

Travelodge Southern Home Counties target locations

Travelodge South London target locations

You may also find the following specifications document of interest:

Travelodge Classic Outline Requirements (PDF)

Travelodge Outline Requirements Feb 2020

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